Readily Engaging, taking Action to Progress

Walking a journey alongside vulnerable individuals, families and organisations, that are willing to choose to grow by gaining knowledge and understanding, shifting mindsets to form new thinking pathways and living from a state of divine purpose, vision and passion.


To show love, support and nurture the frailty of vulnerable individuals, families and organisations, building capacity and strengthening resilience within them.


Sharing knowledge and providing tools for discovering the identity of our individuality, gifts and skills, through workshops and teachings. Investing holistically in relationships, family support, counselling and coaching. Assisting organisations with capacity building, leadership and organisational development to strengthen operations, growing towards sustainability and achieving excellence.

Why is REAP needed?

Poverty violates human dignity, inflicts harm on health, mental well-being and interpersonal relations
Inadequate leadership and management skills within organisations
Lack of skills resources for key roles within NPO sector

Current Services

  • Debriefing sessions for educators and teachers of organisations
  • Counselling sessions
  • Coaching sessions
  • One on one coaching and mentoring sessions for members in leadership roles
  • Facilitating workshops based on specific models growing character and transforming behaviour
  • Offering a supportive role in strengthening the governance structure within organisations and to follow ethical processors.
  • Providing a connective role to other like-minded organisations, assisting with operating processors as stipulated by law requirements, e.g. labour law and all governance compliances.
  • Providing skills in financial accountability, project management and strategic planning

REAP In Action