About Us

The Healing Heart Foundation (THHF) is founded by an individual, whose passion and compassion has always been to address and understand the impacts of our social and emotional well-being as humans. These make us who we are, make us persevere and resilient to face the challenges that we experience in the marginalised communities where THHF works, such as Vrygrond, Lavender Hill, Seawind and Steenberg.

Our Vision

To see people completely restored, transformed and inspired to be the change within their own communities.

Our Mission

To love, nurture, equip and empower people through strengthening their emotional well-being, so that they can live with identity, purpose, vision, and hope.

Our Story

The Healing Heart Foundation was birthed out of the hard challenges and difficulties the Thomas family has faced. Natasha and Quinton, were both raised by single moms and endured similar hardships that the marginalised communities where the THHF work face today. In 2012 Natasha followed her passion, with loving support from Quinton and entered the NGO sector, where she worked at various organisations, gaining insight, and understanding and at the same time, growing more heart and loving the people. The couple invested more of their time and what they could in serving various community projects; soccer clubs, church organisations and individual ministries serving in community spaces. Their hearts were for family, encouraging people to see their true self and their potential; building relationships and loving them.

In April 2017 the family, along with their daughter Kayleigh suffered a huge blow, as mother and wife Natasha was diagnosed as having endured a clinical break down. Having to resign from her job, the family had to make huge adjustments as they felt the weight of being financially burdened yet again. Very few people were allowed into their space, as support at the time, allowing Natasha to recover, even close friends and extended family did not understand the seriousness of the diagnosis or what it meant.

It was here that the couple became aware of the negative stigma attached to emotional depression or an unstable emotional state and most important, the causes thereof and areas that are affected. After a couple of months of being diagnosed and on medication, Natasha became more passionate and curious about our emotional states and how they affect us and our behaviour, when faced with certain challenges. Whilst in recovery, and being supported by her husband and daughter, she researched and studied and gained insight, that now supports THHF’s model. Natasha’s recovery was a speedy one and as an individual and as a family, their unit is even stronger, more resilient, even though they too still face daily challenges, like many of us do.

The model is strongly supported by research, that proves that our emotional states can be defined by our environment which impacts and affects our well-being, behaviour, the way we live, our health and the way we think.  Researched models and tools also show through proven data that these patterns can be changed. Having grown up in the community where THHF works, Natasha and Quinton are very aware that the tools needed for change are the very thing that these communities have very limited access too, and they started their journey of transformation; embarking on the journey of founding a non-profit organisation. Quinton and Kayleigh have been Natasha’s pillars of strength, and on the 11 November 2017 The Healing Heart Foundation was launched.