What We Do

The Healing Heart Foundation model is inspired by both the frailty and resilience of humanity. The founder of the organisation recognises that many individuals in marginalized communities are victims of poor emotional health due to the ignorance of acknowledgement and lack of affordable resources to address this issue. The model was designed to bring awareness and a learning tool and provide services that are otherwise too costly for these individuals to access. To focus on the emotional healing, nurturing accountability and identity of self, encouraging an outcome of a resilient individual who will positively contribute to themselves, immediate families and their communities.

The model introduced by The Healing Heart Foundation is designed to support individuals from Vrygrond, Lavender Hill, Seawinds and Steenberg:

1) Who have been exposed to trauma, crisis, violence, deprivation due to poverty in their marginalized communities

2) Who are at risk of being lured into or dying out because of criminal activities and emotional starvation and instability due to their vulnerability given their local context.

What our beneficiaries say about THHF

"For many years the fear of failure and rejection and also seeking approval of others has been keeping me back for many years, THHF program, HeartLife, has helped me to know myself and made me willing to transform my life."

REAP ParticipantJubilee Recovery Centre

"We believe in the THHF program and want to incorporate it into our school curriculum."

JAM CENTRESteenberg High School

"The program helped me a lot because it changed the way I perceive the world and I was able to deal with many of the issues that plagued me. I have a better understanding of things around me now that I have changed the way I feel about myself. I am reunited with my family, have my own business and I have hope. Thank you THHF."

REAP ParticipantJubilee Recovery Centre

"Natasha has earned the attention and respect of the clients and has systematically helped the men take responsibility for their actions and come to grips with and find healing for themselves."

REAP ParticipantJubilee Recovery Centre

"This what we need in our schools."

JAM CentreEducator Steenberg High School

''All that was spoken was fruitful. I gained insight on how I can better my thoughts and achieve my dreams. To be more positive and willingness to set goals."

REAP ParticipantButterfly Way Educare